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Presentations and Publications

Below is a list of various publications and presentations involving Silver Pennies Consulting.


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Skelton, Jann B. Marguerite C. Holden Annual Lecture: Thinking Outside the Vial. Presented at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy. Denver, Colorado. April 2008.

Skelton, Jann B. AACP Summit to Advance Experiential Education in Pharmacy. University of Texas College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Foundation Advisory Council Meeting. Austin, Texas. September 2005.

Skelton, Jann B. Opening Minds and Hearts: Developing Pharmacy Services for Alzheimer's Patients and their Caregivers. Presented at:

Skelton, Jann B. Counseling and Support for the Alzheimer's Caregiver: The Pharmacist's Role. Presented at:

Skelton, Jann B. Mind Over Matter - Implementing an Alzheimer's Awareness and Screening Program. Presented at:

Skelton, Jann B. Exploring the Path of Innovation in Alzheimer's Awareness and Disease Management. American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, Washington. March 2004.

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