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About the President
Jann B. Skelton, RPh, MBA

Jann SkeltonAs Founder and President of Silver Pennies Consulting, Jann B. Skelton brings over 25 years of experience in business strategy, communications, and innovative program development. She has a diverse professional background, working in pharmacy practice, health care consulting, pharmaceutical services, and professional advocacy organizations.

Before founding Silver Pennies Consulting, Skelton served as a senior staff member for the American Pharmacists Association in Washington, DC, and as the Vice President of Business Development for US Wellness, Inc. She currently serves on the APhA Foundation Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of the West Virginia School of Pharmacy. She is a member of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).

Skelton is a proud graduate of the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy and earned her MBA degree from George Washington University in 2000. She founded Silver Pennies Consulting in July 2004.


About Our Internship/Externship Program

The Silver Pennies Consulting Student Pharmacist Externship Program is a 4-6 week elective rotation designed for a student pursuing a joint PharmD/MBA program or who has entrepreneurial interests. The experiential program is structured to provide students with experience in four cornerstones of development:

Students will gain skills in medical writing, project management, supervision, and written and oral communications. Externship candidates should:

Program objectives will be customized to individual students based on their interests and career aspirations, in concert with active client projects scheduled at the time of their rotation.

The rotation site is located northwest of New York City and is based out of the home of the practice owner. Students will work at the home office and on-site at client locations as required. Students may participate with the preceptor in business travel on behalf of clients, as well as attend national professional conferences or meetings. The rotation preceptor has significant experience in teaching and mentoring students. Ms. Skelton developed and implemented student externship programs for the American Pharmacists Association, US Wellness, and Silver Pennies Consulting and has personally precepted over 75 students in her career.

About Our Company Name

SilverPennyWe are often asked why the company is named Silver Pennies Consulting. The name is inspired by a collection of children's poems published by Blanche Jennings Thompson in the mid-1920's. These poems were a treasured family tradition for our President, whose grandparents often read the whimsical and imaginative poems to their grandchildren.

If you find one you are lucky:
Hold it tightly in your hand.
You must have a silver penny
To get into Fairyland.

As Ms. Thompson explains, "silver pennies are hard to find, and it isn't everyone who knows where to look for them, even if he has the time." At Silver Pennies Consulting, we provide this practical essence to our clients - we deliver solutions that may be hard to find and efficiencies that save our clients time and money.

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