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Silver Pennies Consulting offers innovative services that deliver value to both consumers and health related organizations by synching patient needs with business objectives.  Our business philosophy is client-centered and patient-sensitive.  The Silver Pennies Consulting team provides a unique perspective that unites health care expertise with solid business acumen.  We have the ability to translate highly technical concepts into the language of multiple stakeholders to advance client objectives.  We inject the right mix of fresh ideas, honest assessment, and common sense communications to develop and implement strategies and programs required to meet the highly specialized needs of our clients.

Healthcare consulting with insight, innovation and integrity.
Areas of Expertise
  • Business Planning and Development
    • We work with individual executives or entire management teams to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational structure, assess marketplace influences, and implement necessary processes and procedures to significantly expand business opportunities.  Read more...
  • Marketing and Consumer Outreach
    • Our knowledge of patient behavior combined with our understanding of health care service goals means we can "link the consumer with the service."  We leverage a proprietary network of innovative field practitioners and a core group of top health-care leaders and executives to facilitate powerful strategic alliances.  Read more...
  • Operations Support
    • We support internal client needs by providing the personnel and expertise to develop and implement crucial projects and activities.  Read more...
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